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Parish administrator: Vdp. Mgr. Mário Bosý

Regular services on Sunday
Parish Church of St. Michal Archangel in Boleráza at 08:00 and 11:00
The branch church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary in Klčovany at 09:30



The first part of the written history of most human communities is anchored in the area of ​​local church history. We also meet this in Boleráz. Already the first preserved written mention of the existence of the village from 1240 is related to it. In addition to this date, we also know of references to older records related to the spiritual life. At this point it is necessary to exclude the mention interpreted by some older authors that Boleráz is mentioned in the second Zobor document from 1113. The locality "terra Bollerat" mentioned in it does not apply to today's Boleráz, but it is a place around Sládečkovce. Much more interesting is the document of Archbishop Štefan of Esztergom from 1248, in which the dispute between the chapter and the priest Oltuman (Oltumannus sacerdos de villa Balarad) was resolved due to dozens out of four mansions. Oltumann referred to the decision of the Archbishop of Esztergom, John (1205-1223), which he donated dozens of the mentioned mansions to the local church. The deed of donation allegedly disappeared during the Tartar invasion.
The Baťan canonical visitation from 1782 provides us with the following information in the article on the construction and interior of the church:

Qu for who has been assigned a network of ignores, reparátom primum Ao. 1080 dein iterum Anno 1168, renovatam tam visitationses priores quam inscript in frontispicio Sanctuari apposita testantur; novissimo vero Anno 1773 tota una cum turri external and internne impensis…

The translation of the quoted passage reads: "… We do not know who and when it was erected, the first time it was repaired in 1080, the second time then in 1168, as evidenced by both previous visits and the inscription on the church facade. with the tower, inside and out… “Although it cannot be completely ruled out that the years 1080 and 1168 have a real basis, we cannot take them as historical evidence. Apart from the visitation record, they are not substantiated by anything, although they have become the mainstay of the presumed antiquity of the church. Its description from 1782 is as follows: The church is made of stone and burnt bricks, it is basemented, covered with shingles, the inside is also lined with burnt bricks. Its sanctuary is three feet long and two feet long, two feet wide and one foot, and two feet high. It is basement, all white and paved with burnt bricks, there is only a larger altar and a small bench for the churchman, it does not differ from the church, only in length, width and height. The nave is eight feet and three feet long, three feet and two feet wide, two feet and four feet high. It has three choirs, the first above the gate all brick, which is intended for those who gather for worship, the second attached to the first, is made of boards and built on wooden pillars. It is reserved for the organ (a new organ with 9 registers built at the expense of the church in 1773) and musicians. The third side choir, as well as the boards, is intended for l'ud. There is a small crypt in the nave of the church, made in 1773 to bury the deceased pastors in this place. The church has one gate under the tower, far from visible, which looks west. Above the gate, it has a square tower, which is made of burnt bricks all the way to the top. It is one foot and five feet long, one foot and four feet wide, and fourteen feet high. After all, this church, although very old, is still clean and has plenty of light.
Furthermore, the visit from 1782 also deals with the description of the interior and inventory from which we select: Church of St. Michael the Archangel has three altars. One larger chalice was donated by the superior of the Poor Clares, Františka Jakušičová, in 1647, a smaller silver chalice was donated in 1678 by Štefan Sulevič, and a third made of copper and gilded was donated in 1742 by Katarína Danišovičičová. Around the church was a cemetery measuring 18 x 30 siah surrounded by a wall.
The church, to which we dedicated the previous rows, stood in the inner city of the former parish garden. At the beginning of 1786 it was in a very bad condition and it was demolished. The cornerstone of today's parish church of St. Michal Archangel in Boleráz was laid on May 1, 1786 and the construction was completed on September 15, 1787.

The first church in Klčovany
Klčovany from the church's point of view, from the earliest times until 1923, when they were attached to Boleráz, formed the branch of the Bohdan parish. This division was related to domination, ie landowning, which held patronage over church buildings and partly took care of the spiritual's pensions.
The first, the oldest church in Klčovany, was built on the premises of today's cemetery with the performance of the parish priest, a native of Trnava, Martin Mikšic. He studied at the University of Trnava and in the seminar of St. Stefan. In 1730 he reached the academic degree of Master of Philosophy, he graduated in theology in 1733. In the same year, on March 10, he joined the parish in Bohdanovce. After getting acquainted with the conditions in the parish, he decided to build a church in Klčovany. The work had to go very fast, because in the same year, on September 8, 1733, he was consecrated by Bishop Imrich Esterhazi. In September 1782, representatives of the church and the Červený Kameň estate gathered at the parish in Bohdanovce. The church was represented by: Ján Arady, canon of Bratislava and Adam Markovič, archdeacon. Ladislav Petok, a representative of the Bratislava County, and Alexander Takáč, an oath, were present on behalf of the state administration. The landowner Ján Pálfi was represented by the administrator of the Red Stone estate, Ondrej Mazúr, and the accountant Ján Otočka was also present. Štefan Ujvári was there for the Archbishopric of Esztergom. Representatives of parishioners from Bohdanovice, Šelpíc and Klčovian were also present. Imrich Slovák, a native of Cífer, was a local clergyman in the mentioned year, a member of the Slovak Learned Society. The result of the working meeting was the writing of a canonical visitation (Batthyaniana Visitatio parochiae Bogdanocz) dated September 12, 1782. This rare document has preserved the then state of the Klčovan church. It was built of charity local believers, four and a half yards long, two feet wide and one and a half feet high. The building material consisted of burnt brick and limestone imported from the Little Carpathians. The altar was wooden, gilded with the image of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, who was the patron saint of the church. The right side of the interior was decorated with a statue of St. Stephen, left St. Ladislava. The decoration was complemented by the symbol of the Holy Spirit - a dove and statues of two angels. The church had four benches. A wooden turret towered over the shingle roof. In it hung a bell weighing 80 pounds. He was blessed by Paul Révai, the auxiliary bishop of Esztergom. The cemetery was located next to the church, but at the time of writing the visitation (1782) it was no longer used for burial, because a new one was established in another place.

By researching archival materials, we were able to compile the following list of priests performing in Boleráza:

  • Oltumannus (ca. 1220-1248),
  • Peter Petrus (1332-1337),
  • Ján Joannes (ca. 1402),
  • GEETT Jakub (also GUETTER 1630-1632),
  • UGRONOVIČ Štefan (1632 - 1634 and perhaps still in 1644),
  • LUKÓ Pavol (1647-1649),
  • ŠIMONIČ Ján (also ŠIMUNIČ 1663-1667),
  • GAJARI Andrej (1667-1679),
  • MIHALIK Matej Michal (1679-1684),
  • PORUBSKÝ Ján (1684-1689),
  • JACAJ Michal (also JACAY 1689-1691 ),
  • KUSNICKÝ Ján (also KUTNICKÝ 1691-1693),
  • LINGOVIČ Michal (1693-1697),
  • KUSNICKÝ Ján (2 times in parish 1697-1697),
  • SUDENIČ Jakub (also SUDIMIČ 1697-1705),
  • TAITZNER Juraj (1705-1707),
  • STRAKOVIČ Juraj (1707-1708),
  • IZAKOVIČ Pavol Jozef (1708-1711),
  • KEBEI Juraj (1711-1711),
  • SCHUMINSKÝ Ján Jozef (1711-1712),
  • SOLČÍK Martin (1712-1714),
  • SCHUMINSKÝ Ján Jozef (2 times in the parish 1714-1719),
  • HERŠÁNY Martin (1719-1731),
  • PLANICKÝ Ján (1731-1740),
  • GUBERNATH Ladislav (1740-1760),
  • LEHOCKÝ Pavol (1760-1764),
  • SCHLEIPEN Michal (1764-1782),
  • HERCEGH Michal (1782-1799),
  • TUREČEK Ján (1799-1831),
  • VANEK Ján (1831-1862),
  • WAYMÁR Štefan (1862- 1878),
  • ŠKRIVÁNEK Móric (1878-1912),
  • UJHÉLY ( UHLAR) Viliam (1912-1913),
  • KOŇAKOVSKÝ Justín František (1913-1925),
  • SKRYPIECZ Jozef (1925-1925),
  • ÍJRGE Jozef (1925-1938),
  • MACHÁČEK Pavol (1938-1939),
  • ŠULKO Vojtech (1940-1941),
  • MELICHAR Žigmund (1941-1952),
  • CÁRSKY Ján (1952-1970),
  • BAUMGARTNER Ferdinand (1970-1979),
  • GÁLIK Ladislav (1979-1990),
  • JAVOR Marián (1990-1992),
  • JURÁK Dušan (1992- 2010),
  • Vivodík Marián (2010-2015),
  • Irenej CiuttiMACHÁČEK Pavol (1938-1939),
  • ŠULKO Vojtech (1940-1941),
  • MELICHAR Žigmund (1941-1952),
  • CÁRSKY Ján (1952-1970),
  • BAUMGARTNER Ferdinand (1970-1979),
  • GÁLIK Ladislav (1979-1990),
  • JAVOR Marián (1990-1992),
  • JURÁK Dušan (1992- 2010),
  • Vivodík Marián (2010-2015),
  • Irenej CiuttiMACHÁČEK Pavol (1938-1939),
  • ŠULKO Vojtech (1940-1941),
  • MELICHAR Žigmund (1941-1952),
  • CÁRSKY Ján (1952-1970), B
  • AUMGARTNER Ferdinand (1970-1979),
  • GÁLIK Ladislav (1979-1990),
  • JAVOR Marián (1990-1992), JURÁK Dušan (1992- 2010),
  • Vivodík Marián (2010-2015),
  • Irenej Ciutti(2015-2016), 
  • Vdp. Mgr  Mario Bosy (2016 -)

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